Call an Air Conditioning Repair Service for Help if Your Condenser Fan Motor Goes Bad

If you’ve ever been outside when your air conditioner kicked on, you probably heard weird noises. When you hear something odd, such as loud screeches or humming, they may indicate that something is wrong with the condenser parts. One part that can go bad and make unusual noises is the condenser fan motor. You might be able to tell if the motor is working or not by looking in the condenser to see if the fan is moving.

What You Can Do When Your Furnace Stops Working

Have you tried turning on your heat recently only to discover that it isn’t working? This is likely a problem that will require professional help to fix. However, you should first try these tips to try troubleshooting your furnace on your own. Check The Power The first thing you should do is check to make sure that electricity is running to the components of your HVAC system. Go to the thermostat and turn the fan on, which doesn’t use the heating element and gets the air moving.

AC Installations Projects to Start Early for Efficient Cooling by Summer

The summer months will be here quickly, and you want your home to be ready. Installing an air conditioner may be something that needs to be done. There are a lot of options for an air conditioner that can be installed in your home. The following AC installation projects can be started in early spring for efficient cooling by summer: Geothermal Heat Pump Systems The first option to consider for your spring AC installation is a geothermal heat pump.

Air Conditioning System Buzzing Like A Bee? 3 Possible Causes So You Can Get It Repaired

If your air conditioning system is making funny noises, such as a buzzing type sound, this can be caused by many things. Below are three of these things so you can get your system repaired and make it quiet again. Debris One thing that can cause a buzzing sound is having debris around or inside the outdoor unit. First, clear out everything that is around the unit. This may be grass built up from mowing, small sticks, leaves, etc.

How Homeowners Can Deal With Plumbing Emergencies

The plumbing in your home is not capable of working great forever. Some problems aren’t that big of a deal, but then others warrant the right emergency responses like a lot of leaking water. If you’re put in this predicament, take the following actions as soon as you can.  Understand Where Water Shutoff Valve Is When dealing with a situation where water is starting to collect because of plumbing issues, you will want to always know where the water shutoff valve is.

Repair Or Replace: What To Do With Your Furnace

Anytime something breaks down around the home, it’s tempting to think the worst possible scenario: having to replace whatever is broken. That will inevitably bring about unexpected costs, time spent researching and managing the project, and finding contractors that can handle the job responsibly. But before you decide to replace the unit, check to see if it can be repaired first. This applies especially to something like a furnace, since they normally last around 20 years with proper furnace maintenance.

Four Troubleshooting Steps For An Air Conditioner That Won't Turn On

There are many reasons why an air conditioner won’t turn on when it’s supposed to, but basic troubleshooting can help locate and correct many of these issues. Checking batteries, inspecting electrical components, and making sure your drain is clean and clear can often get your air conditioner running again. Check Your Thermostat Battery When troubleshooting an air conditioner, it helps to start somewhere simple. To that end, checking your thermostat’s batteries to make sure they’re still working or that they haven’t started to leak is a great place to start.

Air Conditioning Maintenance That Should Be Done By A Professional

If you want your air conditioning system to cool down your home during the hot summer months for as many years as possible, proper maintenance is critical. Maintaining your air conditioning will extend the lifespan of your HVAC unit, help save you money on your cooling bills since your A/C will run efficiently, and will also keep the manufacturer’s warranty valid. Some air conditioning maintenance tasks, such as changing your air filter and keeping the area around the outdoor condenser unit clear of brush and debris, are thing that you can do yourself.

Common Residential Air Conditioning Problems

A modern air conditioning system can be subjected to a range of problems and issues that will have to be addressed in order to keep the home’s temperature within a range that will be comfortable to those in the home. Being prepared and able to respond to the more routine sources of air conditioning problems can be necessary to limit the impacts these malfunctions have on your home’s comfort.  

5 Mistakes You're Making With Your Air Conditioner

During the summer months, you rely on your air conditioning system to keep the inside of your home cool. However, if you do not use your air conditioner properly, it could cause your energy bills to skyrocket. It is no fun spending a large portion of your budget on your cooling bills. Here are a few common mistakes to avoid with maintaining your air conditioning system. 1. Forgetting to Change the Air Filters

Important HVAC Maintenance Steps Commercial Property Owners Should Take

If you own commercial property, it’s important to take very good care of the HVAC system. If you neglect this system, costly issues will come up that cause you a lot of stress. So that these issues aren’t common, be sure to care for this system in the following ways. Inspect Air Filters Frequently Over the months, the air filters in your building will get dirty. Although this seems like a minor issue, it can actually make your HVAC system work less efficiently and actually decrease its life expectancy.

Five Reasons To Maintain Your AC

An air conditioning unit can seem like the most important appliance in your home during the heat of summer. Yet, all too often, basic maintenance tasks are postponed or overlooked completely. This mistake can lead to major problems. Here are just a few reasons why you need to maintain your AC. 1: Improve Indoor Air Quality A dirty AC system compromises air quality in your home. Whether the problem is dirty filters, filthy ductwork, or debris buildup inside the outdoor unit, regular cleaning and filter replacement needs to be part of your ongoing maintenance plan.

Maximizing Residential AC Performance

Maximizing the performance of the AC system in your home can be necessary for keeping the building comfortable when the temperature outside is hot. Despite the value of a residential AC system, homeowners will often be guilty of neglecting some of the steps that are necessary for keeping the AC system working at peak efficiency and output. 1. Consider Whether There Is Sufficient Airflow For the air conditioning system to cool the entire home, it will need to be able to generate enough force to push the air throughout the ducting.

Warning Signs That Something Is Wrong With Your Air Conditioning

As warmer weather hits and air conditioning systems are kicked into high gear, it’s important that they work correctly. However, in some situations, when the unit is initially turned on there are warning signs that something is working incorrectly. If you turn on your air conditioner and notice any of the following, you may have a serious problem:  Unpleasant Smell In many cases, if there is a problem with your air conditioning unit, you may notice that the air blowing from your vents has an unpleasant smell.

It's Time: How To Tell When It's Time For A New Furnace

If you’re making a list of things to spend your tax refund on, don’t forget to add a new furnace to the list. You may not think you need a new one, especially if your current furnace seems to be working fine, but that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, now might be the perfect time to get rid of your old furnace. Spend some time going over the information provided here.