Common Residential Air Conditioning Problems

A modern air conditioning system can be subjected to a range of problems and issues that will have to be addressed in order to keep the home's temperature within a range that will be comfortable to those in the home. Being prepared and able to respond to the more routine sources of air conditioning problems can be necessary to limit the impacts these malfunctions have on your home's comfort.  

Ducting Punctures

If you have a central air conditioning system, there will be a large amount of ducting that will be installed throughout the home. This ducting transports the air to the vents in the home, but it can become compromised if the ducting develops punctures in it. These punctures could allow the cooled air to fail to reach the destination vents. While a punctured section of ducting can impact the performance of the entire air conditioning system, this may actually be a relatively simple problem to repair as ducting can be easily patched once punctures are located.

Low Refrigerant

Low refrigerant can be another source of performance problems for an air conditioning system. The refrigerant is responsible for removing the heat from the air before it circulates throughout the house. If the refrigerant level drops, the system will rapidly lose its ability to cool the air being blown into the home. Luckily, the refrigerant level in your air conditioning should remain stable as it is a closed system. However, if a leak develops, it could allow enough refrigerant to seep out to impair the air conditioner's cooling ability. Patching the leak will be necessary to prevent any new refrigerant from simply draining out to the system.

You will not have to wait for the air conditioning system to start to show signs of performance issues to recognize that there is a leak occurring. For example, many modern air conditioning systems can make it possible to easily check the current refrigerant level so that you can easily determine whether a leak has developed. Additionally, you may notice refrigerant leaking onto the ground near the air conditioner, but this may not always be possible depending on the design of the unit and the location of the leak.

Lack Of Air Flow

A lack of airflow is another problem that can have dire impacts on the performance of the air conditioning system. While it is easy to assume that a lack of air coming from the system will always be the result of mechanical problems with it, it will often be the case that the air intake for the air conditioner may simply be blocked. This can occur due to leaves gathering on the exterior unit or failing to keep the filter for the system changed.

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