Five Reasons To Maintain Your AC

An air conditioning unit can seem like the most important appliance in your home during the heat of summer. Yet, all too often, basic maintenance tasks are postponed or overlooked completely. This mistake can lead to major problems. Here are just a few reasons why you need to maintain your AC.

1: Improve Indoor Air Quality

A dirty AC system compromises air quality in your home. Whether the problem is dirty filters, filthy ductwork, or debris buildup inside the outdoor unit, regular cleaning and filter replacement needs to be part of your ongoing maintenance plan. Filters typically need to be replaced every two months while outdoor units should be cleaned out seasonally. Ducts benefit from a thorough cleaning every few years.

2: Prevent Unnecessary Repairs

Regular maintenance includes an annual tune-up. Your tech will lubricate moving parts, clean out blowers and motors, and verify that everything is in proper working order. This routine maintenance can prevent expensive breakdowns later, resulting in quite a bit of savings and a longer AC life.

3: Avoid a Warranty Void

If you have a newer unit that is still covered by a manufacturer or installation warranty, then chances are you are expected to follow the normal maintenance schedule or the warranty is voided. This can be devastating to your wallet if the AC were to need replaced prematurely or require a major repair, since you may have to pay for the replacement or repair out of pocket if the warranty refuses coverage.

4: Lower Your Energy Usage

A poorly maintained unit is likely to use more energy. Dirty systems don't run as efficiently, which means they must work harder and longer to cool your home — which can only happen if the AC is drawing on excess energy for the longer cycling times. Annual maintenance along with periodic filter changes are the key to avoiding these problems.

5: Increase AC Efficiency

An inefficient AC doesn't just cost more to run, as mentioned above, but it also may not be very efficient in cooling your home. Dirty and poorly maintained units may have problems producing the cool air you need, especially if major issues like a coolant leak are undetected. Further, regular maintenance means checking more than just the AC unit. Your maintenance tech will also verify that the thermostat is working properly so that the unit cools as expected and as efficiently as possible.

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