Air Conditioning System Buzzing Like A Bee? 3 Possible Causes So You Can Get It Repaired

If your air conditioning system is making funny noises, such as a buzzing type sound, this can be caused by many things. Below are three of these things so you can get your system repaired and make it quiet again.


One thing that can cause a buzzing sound is having debris around or inside the outdoor unit. First, clear out everything that is around the unit. This may be grass built up from mowing, small sticks, leaves, etc. This is also important because debris can block the vents. If you still hear the buzzing, open the unit and look inside for debris. 

If you are not sure how to remove the cover, refer to the owner's manual or contact an air conditioning repair technician. If you see debris, remove it with your hands. In many cases, leaves or other small debris can get in through the vents. 

Electrical Components

Your air conditioning system has many electrical components inside of it. If some of these components are having problems, they can cause the buzzing sound. For example, there is a contactor relay switch inside the outdoor unit. This switch is what the thermostat inside your home controls. Fortunately, if this is the cause, it is an inexpensive part to replace or repair.

The condenser fan motor may also be going bad. The fan is inside the unit that is located outside. If the motor is not working, the fan will not turn when the system is running. This is something you need to hire a professional to repair for you, as the fan motor will have to be replaced. 


Another problem may be that your air conditioning unit is frozen up. Open the cover on the outdoor air conditioning unit to see if there is any ice built up anywhere. In most cases, the ice will be built up on the tubing. You may also see dirty coils and a dirty air filter if the unit is frozen. This can happen if you run the unit for long periods of time.

If you do see ice, you need to turn off your unit immediately until the inside of the unit has is completely dry.

Contact an air conditioning services company in your area to look at your unit for you if you do not feel comfortable doing any of this yourself. This would also be a good time to have any needed maintenance performed.