Call an Air Conditioning Repair Service for Help if Your Condenser Fan Motor Goes Bad

If you've ever been outside when your air conditioner kicked on, you probably heard weird noises. When you hear something odd, such as loud screeches or humming, they may indicate that something is wrong with the condenser parts. One part that can go bad and make unusual noises is the condenser fan motor. You might be able to tell if the motor is working or not by looking in the condenser to see if the fan is moving. Here are signs the condenser fan motor is bad, what can go wrong with it, and repairs that can fix the problem.

Signs of a Bad Condenser Fan Motor

The purpose of the condenser fan motor is to spin the big fan blades in the air conditioner. The fan blows heat out of the unit so it doesn't overheat so the refrigerant can cool down. If the fan isn't working, the refrigerant won't cool off and help cool down your home. Your AC might run longer and at the same time not cool your house as well if the fan isn't working properly. If the motor is going bad, it might not turn the fan at all, or the fan might turn on and not shut off when it's not supposed to. The fan might be erratic or it might turn slowly. You could also hear odd noises that signal that the motor is going bad.

Reasons a Fan Motor Goes Bad

The condenser fan motor can go bad due to normal wear and tear. It kicks on and runs constantly every time the AC turns on. It's also subject to weather conditions, such as extreme heat that can cause the motor to get too hot and suffer from wear. Also, other parts can go bad and affect the motor. For instance, a capacitor helps the motor start and run. If the capacitor is bad or the wiring is bad, the motor may not work even though nothing is wrong with the motor itself.

Repairs the Motor Might Need

An air conditioning repair technician can use a meter to test the motor and the capacitor from the outside of the unit. The wiring is behind a panel that can be removed. This makes it possible to figure out what part is malfunctioning before taking the condenser apart. If the motor is bad, the repair technician will probably replace it. However, if the capacitor is bad, it will be replaced and the motor may start working again. Replacing the fan motor requires taking the top grille off the condenser. The motor is attached to the grille, and the fan blades are attached to the motor. Wiring runs from the motor to the outside of the condenser through a conduit. The technician can remove the old motor by taking off the blades, unscrewing the motor, removing the wiring, and pulling the old motor out. A new motor is then put in and attached to the wiring, secured to the grille, and topped with the old blades.

It's important to replace the blades in the same position they were removed in, and it's also essential to choose the right replacement motor for your AC to function properly once the motor has been replaced.