Warning Signs That Something Is Wrong With Your Air Conditioning

As warmer weather hits and air conditioning systems are kicked into high gear, it's important that they work correctly. However, in some situations, when the unit is initially turned on there are warning signs that something is working incorrectly. If you turn on your air conditioner and notice any of the following, you may have a serious problem: 

Unpleasant Smell

In many cases, if there is a problem with your air conditioning unit, you may notice that the air blowing from your vents has an unpleasant smell. It may smell musty or moldy, it may smell dirty or dusty, or it may just have an unidentifiable bad odor. If you notice that the air coming from your vents smells bad, you should turn the system off until you can have it evaluated. Otherwise, you may be spreading unpleasant fumes or pollutants around your home while the air is circulating. 

Unit Is Blowing Warm Air

When the outside temperature is warm, it's important that your HVAC unit works well and cool down your living space. If you turn on your system and notice that it's only blowing warm air, it could be a sign that you have a serious problem. If your unit is blowing air at the same temperature as the ambient air, you'll need to have it evaluated. 

Odd Noises

An HVAC unit that makes odd screeching, thumping or banging noises when it's turned on may have a major problem. If you notice unpleasant mechanical noises when you adjust the thermostat, you'll need to turn off the unit temporarily and reach out to a local HVAC contractor. Do not continue to operate your air conditioning system while it's making any type of loud mechanical noise, as you run the risk of causing additional damage. 

Unreasonably High Energy Bill 

If you've been using your air conditioning system as usual but have been hit by an unexpectedly high electricity bill, you may have an issue with the way your system is working. You may be using power inefficiently, the unit may be malfunctioning or you may need to have your ducts cleaned. If you notice that you're having any of the above issues, it may be time to reach out to a local HVAC professional. These contractors can evaluate the problems that you're experiencing and help you come up with a solution. Often, a contractor will visit your home to assess the issue and provide you with a quote for the repairs so that you can make an informed decision. Reach out today to solve the HVAC system issues that you're struggling with. 

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