2 Reasons To Schedule Professional Maintenance For Your Home's A/C System In Early Summer

With the weather getting warmer, you may be thinking about or have already started up your home's central air conditioning system. Before turning it on, you may have already cleaned the vents, cleared the debris away from the area around the exterior unit, and replaced the filters as part of your yearly do-it-yourself (DIY) start-up maintenance routine.

However, along with DIY tasks, you should also consider having a professional perform routine maintenance on the air conditioner. Below are a couple of reasons why you should have an HVAC technician perform routine maintenance on your home's central A/C system early in the season before the full heat of summer arrives.

1. Technician Can Check for Coolant and Cold Air Leaks in the System

One reason why you should schedule professional maintenance for your central air conditioning system in the early summertime is that the technician can check the overall condition of the system. During this system check, they can look for coolant leaks as well as check the level to see if it needs to be topped off.

Along with checking for coolant leaks, they can also see if any cold air is escaping while it travels through the system's lines. If so, they can fix these leaks to ensure the air is delivered through the vents without causing waste that would increase your energy bills. 

2. They Can Make Sure the Evaporator Coils Are Clean and Undamaged

Another reason why you should have routine maintenance performed on your home's A/C system during the early summer months is that they can check the condition of the evaporator coils. The coolant runs within these coils, allowing them to cool the air while expelling heat out of the system.

If these coils become grimy or are damaged, your system's cooling efficiency will greatly decrease. During the routine maintenance visit, the HVAC contractor can make sure that the coils are clean, and if damaged, can fix them.

After you have started up your home's air conditioning system for the summer season, it would be a great time to have a professional check for coolant and cold air leaks. They can also make sure that the evaporator coils are clean and undamaged to ensure proper heat expulsion and cooling, as well as other tasks to make sure the system is ready for hot weather. Contact a residential HVAC contractor in your area to schedule a maintenance service appointment.