Simple Updates For A More Protective Roof

Your roof is meant to protect your home. That's its core purpose — to protect you and the rest of your home's structure from rain, snow, wind, and the heat of the sun. Any roof can do this to a degree, but if you want your roof to offer the ultimate protection, it is often worth updating it with some of the latest technology. Here are a few modern roof updates that can make your roof even more protective.

Baffled Vents

Vents are important to let hot air escape from your attic so it does not warm up your roof too much. Vents are usually shielded on the top so that rain does not fall into them. But during particularly fierce storms, wind-driven rain can get forced up the roof and through the bottom of the roof vent. This can lead to moisture in your attic, which can cause mold growth and rot. 

There is a newer type of vent called a baffled vent. It has a raised part, called a baffle, on the bottom. Water will hit the baffle and slide back down the roof rather than going through the vent. If you live in an area where high winds and big storms are concerns, it may be worth upgrading to baffle vents in order to keep your attic dry.

Reflective Sprays

The sun beating down on your roof can raise its temperature. Some of this heat passes through the roof, which is not only hard on your roof materials, but also on any materials inside your attic. If you want to reduce sun damage and heat damage over the years, you can have your roof sprayed with a reflective coating. This coating will encourage your roof to reflect more sunshine and heat, rather than absorb it.

Reflecting more heat reduces the damage to your roof and can extend its lifespan. It can also help lower your energy bills, which makes it a smart move for your finances. Some reflective coatings also contain herbicides to prevent moss and algae growth, so if you've ever had trouble with such organisms growing on your roof, make sure your roofer uses one of these sprays.

The modern roofing industry has come up with several innovative products that allow your roof to offer more protection than ever before. Talk to your local roofing contractor about these and other small update options for your roof.