Clues It's Time To Call For AC Repair

You want to know just what it is that you need to keep an eye out for when it comes to dealing with central air conditioning issues. You probably do not want to find yourself in the position of being without any cool air in the house, especially during times of the year when the heat index can reach record-breaking points. To try to avoid dealing with such situations, you will want to become fairly familiar with the clues that indicate that there might be a need for professional air conditioning repair services. Read through the following so you are aware of when you need to call for skilled HVAC contractors: 

The Unit Is Making Loud Clanking Sounds

It is perfectly normal to hear a little bit of noise coming from the central air conditioning unit. The fan can make a little humming noise and you might hear a faint clicking sound when the unit turns on. However, you will want to call for possible repair services to your AC unit if you are hearing louder clanking and banging sounds that you are not familiar with.

The Air Is No Longer Cool

If the air still comes through the ductwork and through the vents in the house but it's no longer cool, you have a problem that needs to be addressed by a professional. The coolant could be low due to the age of the AC unit or there could be a coolant leak that needs to be repaired. Then again, it could be something as minor as the thermostat on the wall in the house not working as it should. Either way, the HVAC contractors will be able to determine what the problem is in no time at all.

The Air Stinks

The air that comes through the vents in the house when the AC is turned on should not stink. If it does, you will want to call for repair assistance. There could be something that got into the ductwork and died, such as a mouse or rat. However, it could be something much more serious, such as smoldering wiring inside of the AC unit and that smell is making its way into your home.

Always make sure that you have the contact information for a reputable HVAC company or independent heating and cooling contractor. This way, you will not have to worry about wasting a lot of time trying to research who to call while the temperature inside your house continues to increase. You will want to go ahead and start checking out the local HVAC professionals in your area if you do not already have one that you have used in the past.

Contact a local AC repair service to learn more.