3 Furnace Noises You Should Never Ignore

The furnace does an excellent job of keeping your home warm during the winter. Further, it is common to hear crackling or other minimal noises from your unit that aren't cause for alarm. However, most modern designs operate quietly as long as they are in excellent condition. Therefore, if you notice that your system is making loud and odd noises, chances are that some parts of the system might have issues. Here are four furnace noises that you should never ignore.

When You Notice Rattling Noises

Rattling indicates that there is a loose component within your furnace. In most cases, you could have loose bolts in the access hatch, a problem you can solve by simply tightening them with a wrench. However, the issue could also be a little more complex, like a crack in the heat exchanger. If this is the case, you shouldn't try to fix the issue because this is an intricate part of the system, and repairs are best left to the experts. Instead, call a technician to assess whether a repair will work or if you need to replace the component. Additionally, treat issues connected to the heat exchanger as emergencies because they can cause carbon monoxide poisoning in the home.

When the Unit Produces a Boom Sound

Boom sounds are another common cause for alarm when handling furnaces, and they typically happen after you switch on the unit. In this case, you will hear a loud booming noise which might sound like something is exploding. Sometimes yours might make a banging sound instead. Note that the terrifying sounds come from delayed ignition. In a normal operation, turning on the furnace leads to spontaneous ignition in the system. However, if the ignition does not work as it should, gas might build up inside the chamber, leading to a banging noise as it all ignites immediately. While the noise might not signify that you are in imminent danger, it is wise to have a heating repair expert check it.

When the Furnace Keeps Chirping

Chirping noises indicate that the system needs warming up, especially at the start of the heating season. However, the system might also chirp because the blower motor is out of alignment. Alternatively, the blower wheel and mounting plate might also be out of alignment. Since you do not have the skills or experience to resolve such a complex issue, hire a heating expert to assess and resolve this problem.

Speak to an HVAC repair company, such as Dr HVAC, Inc, when you start experiencing these odd noises from your system. The heating repair experts can help you resolve the problem before it causes significant damage and costly repairs.