3 Ways You Can Tell When Your Evaporator Sensor Switch Is Failing

The state of your air conditioner determines the level of your indoor comfort. Hence, if your unit is well maintained, your home will be comfortable, and you will not have to worry about humidity. On the other hand, when crucial components start to fail, you will notice increased discomfort. As such, it is advisable to consult an AC technician as soon as you experience problems within your system. Here are some ways your AC will alert you that the evaporator sensor switch is failing.

Lack of Cold Air from the AC

The role of the evaporator is to draw the heat out of the air inside the air conditioner. Hence, a functional component should eliminate the heat and feed the house with cooled-down air. However, if the switch fails, the air will go through the evaporator and not experience a temperature change. As a result, your home will be stuffier than it should be, even when the AC is working. In this case, an AC technician will check all system components to ensure they are working as needed. If no other part is failing, they will assess the evaporator sensor switch for signs of trouble and rectify the issue. 

The Temperature Reading Keeps Changing

A functional AC should provide constant temperatures in the home. For example, if you set the thermostat to a particular temperature, the evaporator sensor should correct the heat once it starts rising above the set temperature. However, a failed sensor will not accurately tell when there are temperature changes. Therefore, you might experience uneven temperature variations that keep going up and down. In such a case, an AC repair technician can check your system's erratic behavior and determine whether the sensor needs repairs.

When the Compressor Doesn't Switch On

The compressor is integral to the air conditioner's temperature regulation system. When the temperature rises above the recommended level, your compressor should naturally activate itself. If it fails to activate, you have a problem with the evaporator sensor, and the compressor is not getting the signal it needs to turn on. Hence, you should call an AC technician to look at your system and determine if the evaporator switch has failed. In most cases, they will advise replacing the old and dysfunctional sensor with a new one. 

These are simple telltale signs that your evaporator sensor is damaged and needs assessment. It is advisable to speak to a known and trusted AC repair technician to help you determine the cause of the problem and possible solutions.

To find out more, contact an AC repair service.