Replacing Faulty Parts Of Your Kitchen Range

Your kitchen range can be an essential appliance, and while a quality range will be durable enough to last for years before needing to upgrade, there are some parts that may need to be replaced.

Corroded Drip Bowls

The drip bowls are under the heating elements, and they will serve the role of collecting grease or crumbs. Over time, these drip bowls can start to become corroded or they may even become warped. Both of these problems could allow grease or other substances to more easily bypass these collectors. Luckily, the cost of replacing a drip bowl will be extremely minor, and most individuals will be able to complete this replacement on their own without the need to hire a professional to assist them. When buying replacement drip bowls, it is important to ensure you are choosing ones that will fit your range. If you do not have your owner's manual for the range, you will need to physically measure the space where the drip bowl will be placed. Otherwise, you could accidentally buy one that is either too large to fit in it or to small to effectively catch these substances.

Failed Heating Units

A problem with the heating units of the range can be one of the most obvious problems that your system may suffer. When the heating elements on the range are starting to fail, you could have a far more difficult time cooking food without burning it or failing to cook it all the way through. The difficulty of replacing a faulty heating element on the range will depend on the design of your unit. In most cases, the heating elements are able to be easily removed to clean them and to replace them when they fail. When replacing one of the heating elements, you may want to consider replacing all of them. This will help to ensure that you are getting consistent performance regardless of the heating element you are using to cook.

Broken Knobs

Knobs are a common option for the control panel of ranges. Unfortunately, knobs can be among the most likely parts of the range to suffer problems at some point. One of the most common can be the knob warping or cracking in a way that makes it difficult to keep securely attached to the control panel. In addition to the risk of the knob completely falling off, this could also cause it to become misaligned, which can make it difficult to know the actual setting of the burners for the range.

If you have any broken parts, look for replacements that work for the type of range you have like Southbend parts