Why You Should Not DIY A Gas Furnace Installation

This past winter, you may have found that your home's old gas furnace was not keeping you and your family as warm as you feel that it should. Because of this, you may have decided to beat the rush and get a new one before the next winter season. And, because you wish to save money, you may have decided that you will do the installation of the new system yourself.

However, before you have the furnace delivered and start work on putting it in, you should think twice about doing the work yourself. There are a few reasons why you should forego your decision to install your own gas furnace in your home and instead, have a contractor do it for you.

1.  It Is Most Likely Illegal to Install a Furnace Yourself Without the Proper Licensure and Permits

It is most likely illegal for you to install a gas furnace yourself. The installation of any HVAC system in your home requires special permits.

Even if you apply for the permits yourself, many areas will require that you have the proper licensure for installing heating systems, especially with gas systems. If you try to install the system without the right permit and/or licensure, you could be hit with fines and legal fees.

2.  There Is a Higher Chance That You Will Damage the Furnace And/or Connections Without the Necessary Knowledge and Experience

Another reason why you should forget about installing your own furnace is that there is a higher chance that you will damage the furnace and/or connections. More than likely, you do not have the necessary knowledge or experience to work with electrical and gas lines that are an integral part of installing a gas furnace.

Even if you feel that you have tightened the gas lines properly, there is always a chance that you may have left a small gap, broken the gasket, or even made micro-cracks in the line itself. If this happens, small amounts of gas will leak out into your home.

Even if there is not enough gas leakage to worry about fires or explosions, the buildup will put your household at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning.

3.  There Is a Good Chance That You Will Void the Manufacturer's Warranty by Doing the Installation Yourself

Along with the legal ramifications and possible damage and health risks, another reason why you should have a professional install your furnace instead of doing it yourself is that there is a good chance that doing so will void the manufacturer's warranty. Unless you are fully qualified, the manufacturer will feel that your lack of licensure and experience will result in an increased risk of damage to the system.

If something goes wrong with the furnace and they find out you installed it yourself, they will claim that improper installation was the cause and that you breached the warranty's contract. You would then be stuck with the entire bill for replacing the unit.

While you may feel that you can install your home's furnace by yourself to save money, you run the risk of having it cost you more money in the long run because of possible damage, lack of warranty, and even legal fines. To prevent these problems and to ensure that the furnace is installed correctly and safely, it is better to have a professional perform the work for you. Contact an HVAC contractor in your area who offers heating system installation services. You can discuss your options for having them put in your new furnace for you. They should be happy to help you with your installation.