Where To Look When You Suspect You Are Facing An Air Conditioning Emergency

When they're operated and maintained correctly, air conditioning systems can deliver reliable and efficient cooling performance year in, year out. Unfortunately, mishaps leading to aircon system malfunction can happen at any time, resulting in what may first seem like an air conditioning emergency. But could it really be an AC emergency?

Make sure you rule out the following possibilities before bringing in an AC technician to diagnose and repair your malfunctioning air conditioning system.

Tripped Breaker

Air conditioners use electricity to cool your home, so the first thing you should check when your cooling system stops running is the power supply. With this, make sure the breaker hasn't been tripped. The circuit breaker trips to protect your air conditioner and other household appliances from getting fried. This may happen when you're running too many appliances and devices on the same circuit concurrently.

If your aircon system stops working because of a tripped breaker, unplug some devices from the circuit that powers up your cooling system, and then reset the breaker back to the "ON" position. This should help get your cooling system up and running.

Dirty Air Filter

An aircon system that blows warm air instead of cold air not only makes your house hot but also wastes your hard-earned money.

Even though a variety of factors can cause this problem, dirty air filters are one of the most likely culprits. A dirty air filter leads to restricted airflow within your air conditioning system. This causes cold air to build up within your cooling system, resulting in frozen evaporator coils and a subsequent loss of cooling power. Fortunately, replacing a dirty air filter is an easy and affordable way to get your air conditioning system running smoothly and efficiently again.

Incorrect Thermostat Setting

Your residential air conditioning system is connected to a thermostat that helps regulate the indoor temperatures of your home. During the cooling season, the figure on your thermostat may sometimes be higher than the desired room temperature, resulting in less-than-ideal cooling conditions. In such cases, you can beat the heat by simply readjusting the temperature setting to a figure much lower than the current temperature reading.

Undertaking the above-mentioned basic checks can help get your AC system running properly again while saving you dollars on AC emergency repair expenses. With that said, don't hesitate to bring in an expert if you can't identify and sort out the problem yourself. Contact an air conditioning service for more information.