Working With Your AC Contractor For Replacements And HVAC Upgrades

The HVAC system in your home may be outdated and in need of some upgrades. Before summer gets here, you should replace your air conditioner. When replacing your AC, there are may also improvements that need to be made. The following information will help you work with your AC contractor to replace your air conditioner and more:

AC Replacement Options

The first option to consider for your AC upgrades is replacing the outdated unit. If you want to have a system that benefits your heating and cooling system design, options like geothermal HVAC and AC heat pumps are the best solutions. There are also options like ductless and high-velocity HVAC systems that can provide your home with more efficient cooling. Both of these systems can use an AC heat pump for a more efficient heating and cooling solution.

AC Thermostat Upgrades

The thermostat is one of the areas where you will also want to consider upgrades. Today, HVAC controls are much more than conventional thermostats. These controls can be smart systems that also use AI to provide better temperature controls for your system. Modern thermostats also provide better climate control for your home. This is good if you have humidifiers or air purification systems integrated into the HVAC system.

Ductwork Improvements

Another area where you will want to talk with your contractor about upgrades is the ductwork. There are a lot of options for ductwork upgrades that can be done to your HVAC system. These include changing the ducts to reduce energy loss and installing a new blower to improve airflow. There are also options like high-velocity HVAC systems, which use smaller, more efficient duct designs.

Air Purification and Humidifiers

There are options for air purification systems that you may also want to consider too. The first option to consider is a humidifier that is integrated into your HVAC ducts. If you have allergy problems, you may want to talk to your AC contractor about a complete air purification system for your home. The air purification solutions are ideal if you live in an area where air quality is a problem. The improved filtration systems will reduce the airborne particles in your home that cause allergies.

The air conditioning upgrades you do for your home can reduce energy costs and keep you comfortable. Contact an AC contractor to start discussing these changes and more options for your home this year.