Get A Head Start On Cool Comfort With These Home Air Conditioning Maintenance Tips

Winter may still be in full force, but the countdown to the spring and summer is well underway. Retailers have cleared away the holiday decorations and are readying their spring merchandise and displays and cities are hard at work preparing parks and outdoor areas for the increased usage that comes with warmer weather. Homeowners can also benefit by taking time now to look ahead to spring by preparing their home's air conditioning system for the demands of the cooling season just ahead. 

Find a way to ensure you have clean filters when you need them

Air conditioning systems move air continuously during the process of conditioning and cooling it. As all this air moves through the system, dirt collects in the filter and begins to restrict the flow of air. If the homeowner fails to change the filter regularly, the air handling components will be required to work harder and longer to process and cool the air. In conditions where the air is very dusty or the summer heat is more intense than usual, air conditioners may have to work much harder to keep up and require more frequent filter changes. 

Homeowners who want to ensure that they always have a clean filter ready and available when it is needed should consider one of the following options: 

  • purchasing a case of high-quality filters in the proper size 
  • subscribing to a filter service that automatically ships a new filter in the correct size to your door at pre-selected intervals
  • purchasing a pair of washable, reusable filters so that a spare is always available for insertion into the HVAC filter compartment

In addition to making sure you have the correct filter on hand, homeowners should also consider placing a reminder in their paper or digital calendar to help them remember when a filter replacement is due. 

Clean the entire system and check it for damage or leaks

As winter continues to wind down, homeowners can take the next step in preparing their home's ac system for use by cleaning it, inside and out, and checking for any visible leaks or damage. To do this, start with the outside components, clearing away fallen leaves, acorns, dust, and dirt with an air compressor or handheld shop vacuum and then move inside the home to clean the remainder of the components, including vents, fans, belts, and condenser drains and tubes. 

Homeowners who find damage while cleaning their air conditioning system or those who would prefer to have their system professionally inspected and cleaned in preparation for summer use should contact a reputable air conditioning repair service such as CNR Air Conditioning Inc for an appointment well before the start of the summer cooling season.