Your Central HVAC And Warning Signs

If you have a central HVAC system that works to heat and cool your house, then learn about what can go wrong. By learning the warning signs, you are in a better position to catch things right away, and this means you're more likely to get on them before they lead to a downpour of other problems for you to deal with. Here are some problems to watch for when it comes to your HVAC system:

Loose parts in the compressor: Your central HVAC system will have an outside compressor. This is located inside of the large metal box that will either be located on the side of your house or on your roof. The box acts as a protective covering for the actual compressor to make sure it is kept out of the elements and free from different types of exposure and damages. Just as with other types of motors, when the motor runs, it can shake things around over time and lead to loosened parts.

Once parts get loose, they will put the unit at risk of damages that range from simple-to-fix to quite costly and difficult. There is a chance that you will be able to tell that there are loose parts from inside the house. You may hear surprising sounds coming from the area where the compressor is outside, or the noise can even appear to be coming through the vents. These sounds can range from clangs and bangs to chatters or just about anything else, depending on what is wrong.

A loose belt in the compressor: Your system can also get a loose or worn belt. Once there is something wrong with a belt, it may not take long before the belt completely comes off or breaks, and then you are going to find yourself without air all of a sudden. If this happens on a weekend, or especially on a holiday weekend, then you can find yourself miserable for days.

When there is something wrong with a belt, the sound will also appear to come from the outside box or even from the vents, just as how the sound can travel with loose parts. However, the sound of a loose or worn belt will more than likely sound like a loud screech or repeated squeaking. Once a belt goes, it will stop rotating parts that need to move for your unit to work properly, so try to have the belt taken care of at the first sign of trouble.

To learn more, contact an air conditioning repair company in your area.