Does Your Business Need A New AC? Know These Three Things

Has the time finally come to install a new air condition at your business? This can be a very hard purchase to make if you're unsure about what your business needs. Avoid making a mistake by knowing these three things about air conditioners.

Air Conditioners Can Be Oversized

One misconception about air conditioners is that bigger will be better. This is one instance where you actually want to ensure you are buying a unit that is not too big or small. Oversized units will not produce air that is any colder. In fact, an oversized unit could cost more money to operate.

Air conditioner's work best when they can run for an extended period of time, cool off the building, and then turn off while the blower circulates the air. An air conditioner that is too large for a business will be constantly turning on and off as the unit pushes cold air into the space too quickly.

The end result will be a building that doesn't feel comfortable, an air conditioner that experience more wear and tear, and higher energy bills.

SEER Ratings Determine Energy Efficiency

Every air conditioner will have a SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating). This is how energy use in an air conditioner is measured, with a higher SEER meaning the unit is more energy efficient.

You can use the SEER to easily compare air conditioner in terms of energy use. Air conditioners today will top out as high as 23 SEER, with the minimum rating being around 13 SEER. Use this range to determine how efficient an air conditioner is.

Air Conditioners May Qualify for Discounts

There are ways to reduce how much you pay for a new air conditioner for your business. That's why you should always look into how much you could receive in energy credits for your purchase.

Your local electric company could offer a rebate for purchasing a new condenser that meets the requirements for its SEER. New units may also qualify for a tax credit for buying an energy efficient unit. Take these credits and rebates into consideration when purchasing a new unit, since it can offset the initial costs to get a new air conditioner.

Not sure if you're buying the right air conditioner for your business? Hire a local HVAC contractor to handle it all for you. They can recommend a specific unit that best meets your needs and perform the installation.