Questions About Cleaning Your Restaurant's Commercial Exhaust System

Running a restaurant can be a challenging task for a variety of reasons, but keeping your grill's exhaust system clean should not be a task that causes you stress or concern. This type of work is essential both for preventing grease fires from starting in your exhaust system as well as providing a sanitary place for the preparation of food. If you have a thorough understanding of two basic questions new kitchen managers may have about this process, you should find managing this aspect of your kitchen to be far easier than you may have originally thought. 

What If Your Exhaust Looks Clean?

You may assume that your exhaust hood is clean because the exterior has been thoroughly washed. However, these systems have powerful fans that can suck grease and particulate matter deep into the system, which can make it impossible to tell the condition of your exhaust system from a visual inspection. 

Typically, you will need to have a professional either disassemble the grill's exhaust hood or use a small camera to evaluate the interior of the exhaust system. To minimize disruptions to your business, this type of work can typically be done during the overnight hours when your kitchen is closed. 

Are Powerful Chemicals Necessary To Clean Your Kitchen Exhaust?

Degreasers are common chemicals that can be used to clean these exhaust systems. However, there are many people that may not like the idea of using these harsh chemicals in their kitchen. Fortunately, these individuals may be able to opt for a cleaning option that uses high-pressure water to remove the grease from the exhaust system. 

To prevent this option from getting water throughout the kitchen, the contractors will install special tarps that will catch any water that may spill. It should be noted that some commercial exhaust systems are designed in such a way as to prevent this method for cleaning the unit as a whole. When this is the case, the contractor may need to take apart the exhaust system to clean each piece individually. While this may add to the time needed to complete this task, it may be worth it to avoid using these chemicals in your kitchen. 

Having the exhaust system for your restaurant's grill cleaned is essential for providing a safe and sanitary place for the preparation of food. New restaurant owners and kitchen managers may benefit from knowing the importance of having the system professionally inspected and that it may be possible to avoid using harsh chemicals will help you have a better understanding about this type of work. If you're looking for a contractor to clean out your exhaust, visit Clearzone Services.