3 Ways To Prepare Your Boiler For Usage This Winter

While it still may be a bit warm outside, the cold season is definitely rapidly approaching. So it might be in your best interest to do a few checks on your boiler to make sure it is working order before the cold sets in with full force. That way, you can get any repairs that might be needed before you find yourself in the middle of winter with no source of heat. So here are some tips on making sure your boiler has more than a fighting chance when it awakens after its long summer sleep. 

Insulate All Pipes Properly

Boilers can cease to function during extreme cold should the piping going into it freeze. This can cause devastating damage to both the boiler and your home as well as leave you without a source of heat until repairs can be made. As such, it is a great ideal to take the time while the weather is mild to properly wrap any and all pipes in your home, especially those connecting directly to the boiler. This should help prevent them from freezing, which will help to ward off catastrophic problems during the long winter months.

Go Ahead And Turn Your Boiler On For A Trial Run

This by far is one of the simplest and most effective ways to instantly spot any trouble with your boiler. When you start your heater for the first time, you might smell something burning, but most of the time this is simply dust or cobwebs in the heating system burning up and is harmless to your home. Yet, if you don't find your home heating up, or hear strange banging noises coming from the boiler that don't subside after it gets warmed up, you probably should call a professional out to provide it with some much needed maintenance. 

Make Sure Your Carbon Monoxide Alarm Is In Working Order

A faulty or damaged boiler can leak carbon monoxide into your home, which can pose a serious health risk to you and your family. Since carbon monoxide is completely undetectable by normal human senses, making sure your carbon monoxide alarm is working can save your family from all manner of health complications, as well as alert you to problems in the boiler that you might not have detected from running it normally. In any case, it either doesn't go off and you know things are well or it alerts you to a problem.

Hopefully, by following these three little tips you can make sure that your boiler system is ready for the harsh winter time ahead. For more information and servicing, contact HVAC contactors, such as those at Ice Age Mechanical, who can inspect your boiler for you.