Thinking Of Adding A Space Heater? Fix Your HVAC Equipment Instead

With central heating, chances are that you have a room or two that are not as warm as the rest of the house. No problem, since you can just add a space heater to that room. Space heaters help to make colder rooms more comfortable. But, if you are not careful, your space heater could cause a home fire, risking your life and health. Most HVAC experts recommend that you fix common problems in your central heating system through furnace service, before you try inferior products to resolve a few symptoms.

Space Heater Dangers

Misuse of heating equipment accounts for a significant amount of damage to the home. Many people become dependent on their space heaters, thinking that these machines are as effective and safe as their homes' professional heating systems. They forget that space heaters require a large amount of electricity to run, which makes the equipment prone to:

  • tripping breakers
  • melting
  • catching on fire
  • burning small children or pets

If you must use a space heater, learn how to do so safely. On the space heater, look for labels indicating that it meets the standards of the Underwriting Laboratories of Canada (ULC) or the Canadian Standards Association (CSA). Use the space heater only to increase the room's ambient temperature. Plug the machine into an outlet, not an extension cord. Never leave the equipment unattended, and you should unplug it when you are done. With this approach, you may get years of effective use from the space heater.

Better Alternatives

Even with proper use and care, too many people experience electrical fires from their space heaters. This leads many HVAC experts to say, why bother? Your home's furnace, boiler or other heating equipment is designed to keep your entire home warm. If it is failing at its job, adding a space heater only solves one symptom, while dramatically increasing your home's risk of fire. Contact your a HVAC contractor such as Best Way Heating Inc for professional maintenance and furnace repair. This helps minimize problems within your HVAC system, improves output and efficiency and extends the longevity of your equipment.

If your home is not warm enough for you this winter, you can do better than using a space heater. Space heaters present many dangers that can only be reduced, not eliminated, by perfect use. Instead, you should invest your money into identifying and fixing the problems with your HVAC equipment, for your safety and your bottom line.